Your Comprehensive Guide to Patio Umbrellas


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Stay cool. Stay protected.

The official start of summer is almost here! The best way to stay protected from the sun's harmful rays and enjoy your outdoor space is with a lot of sunscreen and a high-quality outdoor umbrella from Chair King Backyard Store. Patio umbrellas are the must-have outdoor accessory of the season since they serve as both functional and aesthetic accents to your backyard by providing plenty of shade and style. In this blog, we're focusing on two customer favorites: market umbrellas and cantilever umbrellas. Both are great at staving off sunburns but are very different in their own right. Here's what you need to know:

Market Umbrella

Cantilever Umbrella

Market Umbrellas vs. Cantilever Umbrellas: Exploring the Differences

Market umbrellas, characterized by a classic center pole design, can be inserted into any outdoor dining table with an umbrella hole or can stand alone with the help of an umbrella base. Our patio table umbrellas come in sizes ranging from 6 to 11 feet in diameter, making it easy to find a market umbrella for your unique space. Cantilever umbrellas, named so for their off-center pole design, are much broader than Market umbrellas and come in sizes ranging from 10 to 13 feet in diameter. Their unique pole design allows them plenty of flexibility in shading specific areas without obstructing views, and many Arc umbrellas' canopies can rotate 360 degrees around their poles. Lastly, our Market umbrellas do not include an umbrella base, but every Chair King Backyard Store Cantilever umbrella comes with an umbrella base and wheel kit for easy mobility around your backyard.

Choosing the Right Canopy Size, Material, and Cost Considerations

The size of the umbrella canopy is crucial in determining shade coverage and functionality. Larger canopies provide extensive shade, ideal for gatherings or lounging sessions, while smaller canopies suit more intimate settings like small dinner gatherings. Equally important is the canopy material, which directly impacts durability, sun protection, and overall cost. When it comes to canopy materials, several options are available, each with its unique characteristics:

  • Sunbrella Fabric: Renowned for its UV-resistant properties and durability, Sunbrella fabric offers superior sun protection and longevity. While initially more expensive, umbrellas with Sunbrella fabric can provide long-term savings due to their durability and fade resistance.

  • Olefin Fabric: A cost-effective option, Olefin fabric offers decent UV protection and durability. While not as long-lasting as Sunbrella, Olefin umbrellas provide a more budget-friendly choice without compromising too much on quality.

  • Polyester Fabric: Polyester is another affordable option that provides adequate sun protection. However, it may not be as durable or fade-resistant as Sunbrella or Olefin fabrics, making it more suitable for occasional use or shorter-term applications.

Consider your budget, desired level of sun protection, and long-term investment when selecting the canopy material. It can significantly impact the overall cost and performance of the umbrella.


Exploring Additional Features and Accessories

In addition to canopy size and material, Chair King Backyard Store offers a variety of features and umbrella accessories to choose from, such as the EVO, an umbrella clamp that doubles as a light and Bluetooth speaker, light-up umbrella ribs, and a tilt crank! Tilt cranks allow for easy adjustment of the canopy angle, ensuring optimal shade throughout the day, and our light-up aluminum ribs provide extra support and light for those outdoor gatherings that spill over into the night. We also offer many canopy colors, shapes, and umbrella bases to match your outdoor aesthetic and space requirements.

Best Umbrella Practices

Outdoor umbrellas do a lot to keep us safe from inclement weather and sunny days, but here are some helpful tips to keep your umbrella safe and ensure years of enjoyment:

  1. Close the Umbrella When Not in Use: Prevent potential damage from strong winds or inclement weather by closing the umbrella when it's not in use. This simple habit can significantly extend the lifespan of your umbrella.

  2. Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect your umbrella for any signs of wear and tear, such as fraying fabric or loose components. Promptly addressing minor issues can prevent them from escalating into more significant problems.

  3. Secure the Base: Anchor the umbrella base to prevent tipping over, especially in windy conditions. Adding umbrella weights or using a stable base can provide additional stability and peace of mind.

How to Clean Your Umbrella

Proper cleaning is essential to maintain the appearance and functionality of your umbrella. Follow these step-by-step instructions to clean your umbrella canopy effectively:

  1. Prepare Cleaning Solution: Mix a mild soap solution using lukewarm water and a small amount of gentle detergent. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they may damage the fabric.

  2. Remove Canopy from Frame: Remove the canopy from the umbrella frame to facilitate thorough cleaning. Most canopies can be easily detached by unfastening the clips or screws attaching the canopy to the umbrella ribs.

  3. Spot Clean Stains: For localized stains or spots, apply the soap solution directly to the affected area and gently scrub with a soft brush or cloth. Avoid excessive scrubbing, as it may damage the fabric.

  4. Clean Entire Canopy: Dip a clean sponge or cloth into the soap solution and gently wipe down the entire canopy surface. Pay attention to creases, seams, and edges where dirt and debris accumulate.

  5. Rinse Thoroughly: After cleaning, rinse the canopy thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue and prevent discoloration or damage to the fabric.

  6. Air Dry: Allow the canopy to air dry completely before reattaching it to the umbrella frame. Avoid folding or storing the canopy while it's still damp, as it may promote mold or mildew growth.

By following these simple cleaning instructions and adopting best umbrella practices, you can ensure your patio umbrella remains in top condition, providing shade and style to your outdoor space for years to come.


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